Fine Art

While my day job may be graphic design, my true passion has always been my art. Working in traditional oil on canvas, I paint figurative pieces that blend realism with contemporary elements and clean lines. Fascinated by the human form and influenced by a graphic design background, I strive to create a sensual feeling and tone in a modern way. 

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Artist Statement

I paint what gives me color in life. Through my figurative works, I create connections with each detail and discover more about the subject as well as myself. The sensual nature of my art stems from my personal interests and experiences, and become self-reflective moments that elevate virtues and vices in my own life. My goal is to bring the viewer with me on that journey.

Six Vices Collection

A Collection of figurative oil paintings on canvas that reflect the vices that we have and how closely they intertwine with our lives. Currently on display at The Art Collective Gallery in Rogers, Arkansas

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Skechbook Drawings

You can view my collection of daily sketchbook drawings on my instagram page. These figurative studies are for practice and a crucial part of my process for future painting ideas.

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